Young Orators

Public Speaking | Confidence | Presentation
12+ Years | 4 Sessions
Develop oratory skills, engage the audience, bring a positive change.


Malala was just 15 when she addressed the entire UN assembly. Her words were carried around the world through various media and still continue to ring in the minds of millions of young boys and girls who want to make a difference to this world. This program is designed to make young boys and girls learn the art of oratory skills and bring a positive change.


Learning Objectives

Key Skills


Writing | Speaking | Interactive Discussion | Project Work | Presentation

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    Mentor Profile

    Dr. Rakesh Godhwani is the founder of School of Meaningful Experiences, an online ed-tech startup in Bangalore. He is also an Adjunct Faculty of Communication at IIM Bangalore and IIM Udaipur. Dr. Godhwani coaches promising startups and senior managers in the industry, gives seminars and talks in corporate events and colleges, reads a story to his kids every night before they sleep, bicycles, does yoga, writes, earns a fraction of what he used to, but lives a million times better.


    I am glad that I took part in this course. It has given me more confidence in myself and guided me on how to write better and speak better.

    Anshika Mishra, Student

    Thank you for a wonderful course. The mentor really brought the best out in every participating student. I have noticed increasing confidence in them, more conviction in what they are saying, and more enthusiasm in their voice.

    Veena Hirani, Parent

    It was amazing to witness such outstanding performances by all the students during their final session. I felt so proud today. Thank you for bringing such interesting & creative courses.

    Sajith Sreedharan

    Very interactive session, and I really enjoyed it. I learned many things about communication and public speaking. Sir was so friendly, it made learning easier.

    Ojaswani Sharma, Student