Professional Writing

Writing Skills | Storytelling | Professional Presentation
12+ Years | 4 Sessions
Discover the narrative ‘flow’ in your writing, create compelling summaries and scenes.


Storytellers have the unique gift of building connections and positively influencing social behavior. This course educates students about different literary techniques with the purpose of honing their narrative and professional writing abilities.


Learning Objectives

Key Skills


Interactive Discussion | Lecture with Examples | Essay Writing | Assignments | Feedback

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    Mentor Profile

    Andrew Otis currently teaches at Stanford University in the Writer’s Studio of the Continuing Studies Department. He has an MFA from the University of Arkansas, a PhD from University of Tennessee, Knoxville, where he was a Spivey Fellow and Chancellor’s Scholar, and where he worked with the poet, Art Smith. He was a Stegner Fellow in Stanford University’s Creative Writing Program. Working for Stanford, online, has led him to articulate and hone points of process and technique that he has come to through a lifetime of teaching and as a writer working with other writers from around the world