Global Youth Leadership Academy

A learning and mentoring program to prepare teenagers for life beyond school.


This leadership development program aims to prepare the youth in tackling a wide range of challenges, before they take some defining steps of their life. 

Critical thinking, communication, and social skills largely influence students’ personal and professional conduct during and after-school years. Our learning model fuses together interdisciplinary subjects into a synergetic whole, yet allowing students the much-needed flexibility to learn at their pace. 

Students can enroll alongside school as classes and sessions are scheduled in the evenings and on weekends. While some components of the curriculum are compulsory , others are optional.

Benefits of the Program

Benefits of the Program

Our Journey through The Numbers

24 Teenagers from 15 States| 155 Learning Hours Dedicated | 30 Experts & Speakers Engaged | 110 Sessions Conducted | 18 Short Courses Taught | 20 Interactive Workshops Organised | 30 Internship & Mentorship Opportunities

2021 Cohort of Global Youth Leaders

Kanishka Verma loves challenges. She wants to explore this world and believes that a person should always give his/her best. She is currently learning Korean and reading books. She is also an occasional poet and songwriter.

Kanishka Verma

Kathija Zamya is a curious individual who feels driven to do something every day. She lives in a developing smart city called Mangalore. She believes that being able to read, watch, and hear are the greatest gifts given to humankind. She likes to analyse things through different perspectives. She takes pride in helping her friends out whenever they need her.

Kathija Zamya

Sherin, currently living in Chennai. She identifies herself as the INFJ personality who is always there for her friends. She loves exploring new things and learning as much as she can. She loves reading and writing.

Sherin Fathima

Mansi Panchal is currently preparing for her entrance exams and is getting ready for a new phase of life: college. She loves singing, dancing, reading, and a good cup of coffee. Her interests are event management and learning new skills. She proudly calls herself a highly extroverted person and a pretty good chef.

Mansi Panchal

Kripa lives in Delhi. She is an emotional person who spends most of her time daydreaming, writing, reading and binge watching Netflix. Her dream is to get into Harvard and she thinks about it every second of every day. If someone asks her to describe herself in 5 words it would probably be emotional, passionate, stubborn, daydreamer and hardworking. Being a true leader is something very important to her and she hopes to achieve it with the help of this program.

Kripa Malhotra

Kiran resides in Kochi, Kerala. She is currently serving as an intern at IIMUN, the world’s largest youth-run organisation. He has gained recognition as a social media intern for the Find A Bed initiative. He likes reading, writing stories, gaming, watching anime, and playing with his dog.

Kiran V Nair

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