Global Youth Leadership Academy

A learning and mentoring program to prepare teenagers for life beyond school


This leadership development program aims to prepare the youth in tackling a wide range of challenges, before they take some defining steps of their life.

Critical thinking, communication, and social skills largely influence students’ personal and professional conduct during and after-school years. Our learning model fuses together interdisciplinary subjects into a synergetic whole, yet allowing students the much-needed flexibility to learn at their pace.

Students can enroll alongside school as classes and sessions are scheduled in the evenings and on weekends. While some components of the curriculum are compulsory, others are optional.

Benefits of the Program

Holistic Growth | Professional Development | Internship
Personalised Learning | Value Addition | Scholarships | Lifelong Network

Subjects & Activities

Written Communication
Public Speaking
Creative Writing
Conscious Leadership
Public Leadership
Career Mentorship Sessions
Project Work
Industry Internships
Our Journey Through
The Numbers

Teenagers from 15 States


Learning Hours Dedicated


Experts & Speakers Engaged


Sessions Conducted


Short Courses Taught


Interactive Workshops Organised


Internship & Mentorship Opportunities Provided

Glimpses from the Previous Editions

GYLA 2021

Global Youth Leadership Program

Gap Year Program


Age Group: 15-19 Years
Fee (Inclusive of taxes): INR 50,000 | USD 900
*This is a sliding-scale tuition fee. Scholarships are available on the basis of means and merit.

2021 Cohort of Global Youth Leaders

Experts & Mentors

Internship Partners


The exposure I got really opened up my eyes towards what the world has to offer and made me more open to the possibilities.

Vishista, Delegate
Global Youth Leader

It’s an experience of a lifetime. Every mentor comes with new challenges and new learnings for us and we always take something positive away from them in the last class for sure. Whenever it got a little hectic and overwhelming, I learned to adapt with the situation and this is something I have learnt so far from my experience.

Mannat, Delegate
Global Youth Leader

The Global Youth Leadership program has changed my opinion about education, education is not only limited to the four walls of our school and college.

Shilpi, Delegate
Global Youth Leader

Ayaan is based in Gurgaon but has studied at a residential school called Rishi Valley for the past 6 years. He wants to explore his passions and skills in entrepreneurship and leadership through GYLA. He is an avid sports person with a keen interest in wildlife conservation, sustainable development, and value investing. He plays many instruments, such as electric and acoustic guitar, keyboard and the cajon. He loves to travel, eat and sleep. He is studying Chinese and can speak basic Japanese as well.

Ayaan Ali
Global Youth Leader