Emotional Intelligence

An online course for children (ages 10-15) to enhance their Emotional Intelligence


This course provides a space for children to learn how to recognise, understand, and regulate their emotions effectively. The main motive of making the child more emotionally intelligent is for them to be in touch with their emotions and positively affect other areas of life.

Research has found that children who can manage their emotions well have a higher IQ, better relationships, improved mental health, and become more successful and better leaders than their counterparts. Emotional Intelligence is a skill that we can  learn, teach and improve – it helps children academically, personally, and professionally.

This course would be a stepping-stone for the children to discover tools and a lot of reflective work to become more aware and in control of their emotions.



Modules and Pedagogy

This course aims to build five basic skills of EI through individual and group activities, worksheets, and fun videos.

The five skills that the child will learn are:

  • Self-awareness
  • Self-regulation
  • Motivation
  • Empathy 
  • Social skills


  • Free Two Demo Classes
  • Age: 10 – 15  years 
  • Format: Hybrid Learning 
  • Course Fee: $30

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the model of the course?

    Children will learn in a hybrid learning environment; online classes followed by offline activities.

    Who is the course for?

    It is for children from ages 10 to 15.

    What is the outcome of the course?

    The child will learn about tools and work to enhance their self-awareness, self-regulation, empathy, social skills, and motivation skills.

    Why is EQ important?

    It enables individuals to have better relationships, a deeper understanding of self, clear communication, develop a solid personality and manage their own emotions. EQ is as important as IQ for the holistic development of a child.

    What is the fee and duration of the course?

    The entire course takes 12 hours to complete. The first two sessions are free of cost and the remaining sessions can be unlocked by paying a minimal fee of $30. The $30 will be returned in the form of gifts, goodies and certification.

    What level of involvement is required from parents?

    The parents are to attend the introductory session, which orients them to the course. They are also required to create an environment/ space for the children to express themselves freely.

    Emotional Intelligence

    A Guide to Higher IQ

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