This 8-Year-Old is Bridging Cultures with His Amarakosha Doodles

Aniruddha Pradyumna Kandadai, aged 8, studies in a French Public School. That hasn’t kept him from exploring his cultural roots.  His love for the Sanskrit language led him to make Amarakosha Doodle videos on YouTube. Now, his short explainers are published on the Carnatic Conservatory of Paris channel every Friday. These videos communicate the relevance...

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Human Body: The Most Advanced Science

Nothing is a more real and humbling experience than shaping a life within you. From the moment of knowing that I have a new life in my body to nurturing it through my body – the entire journey has filled me with immense emotions, experiences, and transformations. The value of motherhood can’t be expressed in...

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The Universe of the Puranas

This blog features insights from author Ganesh Swaminathan. After completing his engineering from IIT Delhi and MBA from IIM Ahmedabad, he spent most of his professional life in a multinational organisation in the field of technology. About eight years ago, he developed an interest in the Puranas. He was fascinated by the insights the ancient...

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The Tale of Warrior Robots from Ancient India

It may seem hard to believe but stories of robots have been around from the time of Buddha. This particular narrative is set in the mid-400 BCE. The fable goes that Buddha entrusted King Ajatasatru with defending his relics. Ajatasatru was well-known for his military inventions, including powerful catapults called Bahubali Clips and a mechanised...

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The Ashtalakshmi Model: Pursuing a Holistic Idea of Development

Our definition of development of any society or country is largely synonymous with economic aspects, such as productivity, income levels, industrialization, and modernization. However, ‘growth’ is much more than these material elements. One can find examples of holistic development within the traditional belief systems of India.  The new virus has changed the normal for us....

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Decoding India’s Soft Power & Meaning of Namaste

When Joseph Nye first introduced the concept of “soft power” in the late 1980s, he termed it the “ability to influence the behaviour of others and get the outcomes you want.” In other words, soft power focuses on co-opting people rather than coercing them. It is a pull or attraction, resting on three resources: culture,...

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Measuring the Soft Power of Popular Culture

While most nations agree on the definitions, composition and role of Soft Power in diplomacy, there is little agreement on how it can be empirically, theoretically, or conceptually measured. Most studies on soft power are based on anecdotal evidence and often refer to influence by temporal, transitory events and offerings. There is no interdisciplinary, long-term...

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