Mompreneurship: What is It About?

I have a half-open laptop on the right side of my table, a baby in my lap, a notepad, and sticky notes mingled with teething toys. Work calls on Google Meet while attending to the calls of my little daughter. Breaks between work converted to feeding sessions as I shifted from a sincere meeting expression...

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How to Use New-Age Presentation Tools

Creating a slideshow is no longer cutting-edge classroom technology. With real-time collaboration and the ability to embed presentations in websites, today, we can do much more than creating a PowerPoint.  Online presentation tools can help students gain transferable skills for the world of work and entrepreneurship. Teachers can use them to engage pupils and bring...

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EduLeaders Series: Nourishing Empathy & Responsibility in Schools

There is a universal agreement that moral, social, and spiritual values must form a part of today’s school curriculum. But mere textbook declarations, without any practical implementation, would not take us very far. Festive celebrations in schools can be a way to introduce students to the virtues of sensitivity and togetherness. Here’s the take of...

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Mastering Innovative Leadership in the Classroom

There are perhaps as many teaching styles as there are teachers globally. But most teachers veer towards one of the three: Authoritarian, Democratic, Laissez-Faire. While we can box no one style as right or wrong, each has pros and cons. The Authoritarian approach is suitable for establishing boundaries and expectations and managing those effects. Here,...

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Decoding the Olympic Formula for Success

A fight-or-flight situation is when our body reacts to a potentially fearful occurrence in the environment. Our sympathetic nervous system gets activated in high-performance circumstances, causing us to feel emotions like anxiousness or excitement. Olympic athletes work hard at their sport and the daily art of managing anxiety and taking responsibility. ‘The Olympic Formula’ is...

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Social Media & The Reward Route

We all like rewards, don’t we? Growing up, we got rewarded for our good behaviour, school performance, etc. We were always elated when our teachers left those stars and smiley faces, inked in red. It seems like those stars have come out of the notebooks and reached our screens, modified as hearts, thumbs-ups, and applause...

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Community Learning During the Pandemic

The pandemic has been a stark reminder of the fragility of human life. During this time, we realised the importance of simple things such as going out, maintaining a healthy diet, and talking to our loved ones. It shifted life priorities for a lot of people. While the whole world has been trying to adapt,...

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