How to Use ‘Think Dots’ in Classrooms

Differentiated instruction – This method assesses students’ learning relative to their goals, further letting teachers adjust the lesson to match their needs. While this approach is relatively common in programmed and tech-enabled settings, educators can also bring it to offline and hybrid classrooms with ‘Think Dots.’ Think Dots are ideal for small group activities and...

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Go & Gather: Creative Ways to Blend Family Time & Education

We have all chased our curiosity on online search engines – hopping from one Wikipedia page to another, trying to make sense of the inter-relationships, and winding up in places we never imagined. What if we introduced you to some ways of replicating this in the physical world? Parents can utilise in-car conversations and road...

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Integrating Earth & Space Sciences in the Classroom

From understanding the centre of the Earth to exploring the mysteries of outer space and unravelling how life originated and evolved, scientific inquiry knows no bounds. Decoding how systems work can help students connect the past and present with the world to come, nudging them to make sound decisions about issues that impact all humankind....

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In Conversation With Indian Music Producer Sai Shravanam

We think we listen to music through our ears but our brain, our entire body can take in the vibrations. Music is sound, the sound is vibration. Various points of your spine receive these vibrations, along with your pituitary gland, giving rise to different emotions. Here is the inside story from the music studio of...

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Ghatam Giridhar Udupa on plugging in to the cadence inside us

Giridhar Udupa is a world-renowned percussionist and a global ambassador of Ghatam, one of the most ancient musical instruments of India. Termed as “the king of pot music” by Rave magazine, he is part of the ‘Layatharanga’ team of Indian classical musicians who have set out to blend different forms of classical, folk, and world...

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“When words fail, music speaks,” said Danish author Hans Christian Andersen. Isn’t it strange that someone so loved for his writing would say this? There are several examples from everyday life that demonstrate this experience. During the COVID-19 lockdown, people worldwide found that music helped them escape, relax, raise their mood, and feel less lonely....

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How the Ragas Infuse Colour in Daily Life

Picture playing any string instrument in an empty room. Imagine it vibrating the air at a specific frequency, the music flying through the air, reaching your ears, moving some liquids in there, and firing up the same vibrations in the neurons of your brain. It is a classic example of how music “colours the mind”....

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